White 7-Day Glass Candle


White is a universal color that can be used for any endeavor or intention, and it is able to act as a substitute for any other color. It is generally associated with purification, consecration, protection, balance, self-control, clarity, and truth.

Color associations change depending on practice and practitioner. It is important to develop your own associations through your own knowledge and experience.

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All 7-day candles have the option of being dressed and blessed by Poppa Capp. The candle dressing will include an appropriate mixture of herbs and oils, while the blessing will invoke the appropriate influences. Both of these operations will be performed under proper conditions with correct magickal timing in order to empower your work. Be sure to leave a note on your purchase, or otherwise contact Poppa directly, with a brief description of your intention so that your candle is dressed and blessed correctly.

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