A human life is such an incredible gift.

During humanhood we are offered the rare experience of a vastly intelligent physical existence. We are given the soul-altering ability of choice, and we have many options to implement it. To love or to hate, to change ourselves for better or for worse at any moment, to ensure our internal and external prosperity or to allow ourselves to crumble.

We are graced with the ability to formulate our will and to freely project it to others as well as our environment; we are humbled to feel and to come to an understanding of the intensities of our desires; and perhaps most importantly, we are enabled to exercise the very spark of divinity that is inherent within us through widely varying acts of creation –  be it a thought, a business, an art form, or taking part in the act of creating life itself.

Choice, love, will, creation, desire, magick – through these abilities, amongst others, we are the shapers and masters of nearly every aspect of our own realities. The vehicle of my art, the culmination of who I am – my love, my desire, my creative endeavors, and my life’s work – is magick and devotion. It is my choice and my will to empower others, to spread occult knowledge, and to incite mental and spiritual liberation.

“Poppa Capp” is a manifestation of the above stated choice and will – it is an expression of myself, my magick, and my occultism as an art form as well as a successful business. Through this medium I am able to teach the nuances of esoteric understanding and philosophy, as well as the methodology of operational magick and how to use it. I am able to provide a hub of occult knowledge for anyone to reference freely (the Archives will manifest in due time!), provide the necessary tools to bring magick into their own lives and to shape their own realities, and offer my own ritual spell services to personally change anyone’s existence. Ultimately, I am able to help as many people as I can realize their own inherent power.

The question is… what do you want your reality to be, and what magick will you utilize to achieve it? What is it that you desire? What is your will? What do you love… and whom do you love? What will be your creative legacy – your business, your art, your children, your SELF? Perhaps all of these and more.

This is where my will, my magick, and my reality collides with yours. Through my products and my spellwork, I am here to aid you in achieving and experiencing all that you desire; and if you so choose, to personally empower you by helping you learn the magick for yourself.

I can help you with loving yourself, in your romantic relationships, and with friendships or coworkers; with your wealth, prosperity, luxury, and general success in any endeavor. I can bring you healing, strength, and endurance – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can purify, cleanse, and protect you both physically and spiritually; and I can banish negativity, break hexes, or bring justice and retribution… and so much more!

I am an artist, and my canvas is reality itself. Together we will create whatever you desire.