A human life is such an incredible gift.

During humanhood we are offered the rare experience of a vastly intelligent physical existence. We are given the soul-altering ability of choice, and we have many options to implement it. To love or to hate, to change ourselves for better or for worse at any moment, to ensure our internal and external prosperity or to allow ourselves to crumble.

We are graced with the ability to formulate our will and to freely project it to others as well as our environment; we are humbled to feel and to come to an understanding of the intensities of our desires; and perhaps most importantly, we are enabled to exercise the very spark of divinity that is inherent within us through widely varying acts of creation –  be it a thought, a business, an art form, or taking part in the act of creating life itself.

Choice, love, will, creation, desire, magick – through these abilities, amongst others, we are the shapers and masters of nearly every aspect of our own realities. The vehicle of my art, the culmination of who I am – my love, my desire, my creative endeavors, and my life’s work – is magick and devotion. It is my choice and my will to empower others, to spread occult knowledge, and to incite mental and spiritual liberation.

“Poppa Capp” is a manifestation of the above stated choice and will – it is an expression of myself, my magick, and my occultism as an art form as well as a successful business. Through this medium I am able to teach the nuances of esoteric understanding and philosophy, as well as the methodology of operational magick and how to use it. I am able to provide a hub of occult knowledge for anyone to reference freely (the Archives will manifest in due time!), provide the necessary tools to bring magick into their own lives and to shape their own realities, and offer my own ritual spell services to personally change anyone’s existence. Ultimately, I am able to help as many people as I can realize their own inherent power.

The question is… what do you want your reality to be, and what magick will you utilize to achieve it? What is it that you desire? What is your will? What do you love… and whom do you love? What will be your creative legacy – your business, your art, your children, your SELF? Perhaps all of these and more.

This is where my will, my magick, and my reality collides with yours. Through my products and my spellwork, I am here to aid you in achieving and experiencing all that you desire; and if you so choose, to personally empower you by helping you learn the magick for yourself.

I can help you with loving yourself, in your romantic relationships, and with friendships or coworkers; with your wealth, prosperity, luxury, and general success in any endeavor. I can bring you healing, strength, and endurance – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can purify, cleanse, and protect you both physically and spiritually; and I can banish negativity, break hexes, or bring justice and retribution… and so much more!

I am an artist, and my canvas is reality itself. Together we will create whatever you desire.




As many of you are aware, all of my Occult Services pages have been complete for some time now, and I have been booking ritual work, tarot divination, astrological readings, and mentorship sessions extensively since the end of February! I’ve also updated all of my spell information across my social medias, and I am finally going to be pushing content out on a regular basis again. Now that I’m back on my social medias, I wanted to be sure that everyone is aware that I’m open for all of the services that I offer.

The most exciting aspect of my return to social media is that my content is going to helpful and educational again – an aspect that has been sorely lacking on my pages for quite a long time. My content will be astrologically focused, but will have a unique angle that I have not seen out there at all – how to understand the movements and placements of the luminaries from a magickal perspective, implementation of the movements of the luminaries into your magickal work, and how the energies of the cosmos might effect one’s spellcasting and magickal practice as a whole. I plan to eventually expand the types of content that I put out; adding tarot, my products, and other magickal musings to the mix, all in due time.

In my last announcement, I mentioned that I’d soon be joining Omen New Orleans. I’ve now been a member of the phenomenal team of world-renowned psychics at Omen since the end of January. The experience has been empowering and refreshing, and I am reveling in the increased prosperity that has entered my life through Omen and the re-launch of my services. You can find more information on how to book a reading with me through my tarot divination page.

At this point, I’m going to be buckling down and focusing first and foremost on my Priesthood and the continued elevation of my prowess as an initiate of Alexandrian Witchcraft. All the while, I will be working at Omen, constantly working rituals and offering my other services to clients on a large scale, and consistently posting across my social medias. Aside from these constants, I will be working for the next several months taking my shop and products in the direction that I have wanted to go since the very beginning.

Over the next several months I will be working on and releasing many artisan magickal products – my various blessed herbs were the first of these. You will see exclusive 7-day glass candle designs, magickal powdered herbal blends intended for candle dressing and many other ritual uses, magickal herbal bath salts, and magickal soaps – all blessed, empowered, and only found in my shop! All of this product creation culminates in a Poppa Capp vending table at HexFest 2022 on August 12th-14th in New Orleans, where I am also teaching my Ceremonial Magick class in person and speaking on a panel titled “The Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft” with Brian Cain, Lilith Dorsey, Silver RavenWolf, and Hala Aly. This is my break into vending at occult, spiritual, and esoteric events of all kinds, as well as other kinds of festivals, expos, and events. I am very pleased to always be elevating!



At the time of the initial “soft launch” of the website in November of last year, I was aware that going live was going to bring on a whole new load of web design, interface, and backend problems that I would need to learn about and fix accordingly.  Problems such as our website speed, amongst other things, proved to be difficult to tackle. When we launched, some of our pages were taking upwards of 30 seconds to load! In this age of such fast-paced internet, that was totally unacceptable. I am happy to say that I have continued to learn and grow as an amateur web designer and programmer over the last few months, and the website has come a very long way in terms of functionality – all to make the visitor/user/customer experience significantly better.

As of today I have worked on all of the problems extensively and I am quite happy with where everything is. There are still some problems to be worked on (for instance, it has been brought to my attention that our shipping gets wacky sometimes with very high prices – I am currently fixing this issue!); and still so much more to add to it, from product pictures to extensive information in the archives, but for now it is finally time for me to take a break from building this website. I’ll be making my way back to social media, looking to clear out my inboxes, tie up some loose ends and pick up some dropped balls. However, I still plan to hold off on most magickal work and divination until I have changed my prices, which will be happening shortly.

Check out the video on my Instagram from today to hear about all of this as well as many more exciting things that have been lining up for me; such as landing spots as a presenter at both WitchCon and HexFest 2022, and also my soon-to-be position at Hex and Omen New Orleans as a psychic reader, alongside some of the best and most famous readers in this incredible magickal city!


The website has finally launched! Even though it is going to be a continued work in progress for some time, this is a monumental step for me. Learning web design on my own and building the entirety of this from scratch has been a hell of a journey.. and it consumed huge amounts of my time over the past year or so. It is so relieving to bring it to the public at last!

This launch happens to fall exactly one month after the 3rd anniversary of “Poppa Capp” as an online presence and a business, and also shortly after the 2nd anniversary of our arrival in New Orleans. I am so proud and honored that the release of my website will forever be a part of that legacy and power that this time of year holds for me. Thank you all so much for the endless love and support!

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