Thank you for your interest in what I have to offer.

I accept and respond to all reasonable inquiries about any of the services that I offers, any of my products, and any knowledge or information I have put out into the public – as long as my time permits. I am happy to answer general questions about magick and the occult as well, as provide guidance for you and your own occult journey, in exchange for a donation of your choice for my time. Please realize that I am a very busy person with a consistent line of clients for both divination and spell work, and I may take up to 72 hours to respond. At very busy times, I may take even longer to get back to you – patience and understanding is required and appreciated.

I do not move forward with any of my services without first speaking directly to the potential client and deciding how it is best to move forward with the situation. You will not find any place in my store where you will be able to purchase any of my services it with the click of a button, without speaking to me. I sincerely advise you to be wary of any worker who operates that way. It is 100% required to reach out to me if you are interested in any of my magickal services.

Anyone is always welcome to email him directly at, or to reach out to him via direct message over either Instagram or Twitter at any time.

I accepts payments for my services via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp; my preferred methods of payment are Venmo and CashApp. The links found just below, as well as many other places on the website, will bring you directly to my email, social media pages, and payment methods.

Much love to you all!