Thank you for your interest in the services that I have to offer. The buttons below will navigate you to pages with extensive information about each of my services, delivering valuable knowledge about what I have to offer, explanations of what to expect when purchasing of each service, how to schedule with me, ways to pay, and more. If you still have any questions or concerns after reading, you can also find information on the best ways to contact me on each of those pages.

I HIGHLY recommend that you take the time to read about any service that you are interested in, especially if I have not performed any spellcasting for you, read tarot for you, interpreted your chart, or provided mentorship to you before; or you are not familiar with how my scheduling system works. If you are already familiar with my services, feel free to scroll a bit further down the page to find my full scheduling calendar which contains each of the services that I have available. You can click on any of the services listed in order to get yourself booked!