My second tier ritual incorporates a large 7-day glass candle as the focal point of the work. This candle is connected specifically to you and your goals through various personalized inscriptions drawn directly onto the glass, and is also inscribed with sigils and/or other magickal ciphers of my choosing in order to connect the work to entities and energies that will aid with your goals. The glass candle is accompanied by several taper candles which have also been carved with various inscriptions, dressed with magickal oils, then coated with blessed handmade herbal mixtures which I have created. All of the candles are surrounded with blessed roots and herbs that are relevant to your work. The second tier is the initial level of work in which I offer an entire ritual process that is solely dedicated to you and the goals that you wish to accomplish, providing exceptional commitment to your work and pinpointed focus on your goals. My exclusive dedication is one of the second tier’s most important features – a significant departure from what is found within my first tier, and an extensive increase in the spell’s potency.

All rituals require you to schedule a mandatory pre-ritual consultation with me, which will be a brief phone call conversation between us about your situation and the goals that you wish to attain through my magickal aid (pre-ritual consultations will last a maximum of 15 minutes, though many do not take the full time). The main reason for the dialogue is so that I can be intimately involved and knowledgable about you and what I can do for you. After your consultation, all tier 2 and tier 3 rituals also require a mandatory 15 minute tarot reading. Through the tarot, I will inquire with spirit if the work should be performed at all, and if I get the necessary go ahead from spirit, how I can best to move forward with attaining your goals or remedying your situation through the magickal means that I offer. The pre-ritual consultation and tarot divination for my tier 2 and 3 spellcasting is priced at $20 each, which is not included in the price of the tier 2 or 3 rituals themselves.

Your pre-ritual consultation and reading both need to be booked independently using the scheduling calendar below. Your consultation must always come before your tarot reading, so that during the reading I am able to ask meaningful questions and acquire the correct knowledge about your work. Please be sure to book your consultation before your reading. You can book your consultation and tarot with me using the scheduling calendars below. You will be informed which day your ritual is scheduled for either during your consultation or shortly afterword via a text message, an Instagram or Twitter message, or an email. You are welcome to only book a consultation for my tier 2 or 3 rituals if you would like to open a dialogue about some potential work I could perform for you, then decide if/when you would like to move forward with your tarot divination, and ultimately your spellcasting, after we speak. No tier 2 or 3 ritual will move forward without both a consultation and a tarot reading completed, except in very few cases, chosen at my discretion.

Though I accept most tier 2 and 3 work that is asked of me, there is a possibility your work may be rejected after your consultation and reading if the work that you are seeking is “negative” work. Be clear that I also do not automatically deny “negative” work. Common examples of “negative” work include anything physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or karmically hostile, harmful, or destructive towards any person in any way; any type of work that would damage or dismantle a romantic relationship in any way (i.e. separation); or any work that is meant to control, dominate, or force someone in any way. These examples are not the entire list of what is considered “negative” work, and what is deemed “negative” is decided case-by-case. If you are confused about whether or not the work you are considering falls into the “negative” category, it is quite easy to decipher – if you have to question whether or not your goal is hostile or damaging to anyone in any wayIT IS. I will always leave my own opinions out of any acceptance or denial of “negative” ritual work. If it becomes clear that your potential work is hostile, harmful, destructive, or dominating during our consultation, and thus is a case of “negative” work, it will be left up to spirit to have the final say in whether or not I am to perform your ritual. I will inquire with spirit during your tarot reading whether or not I am to move forward with your work, and I will relay that decision from spirit to you.

I offer a post-ritual consultation for all tier 2 and 3 ritual work via a scheduled phone conversation. If you do not wish to have the full post-ritual consultation experience, I will happily speak briefly on the work after it is complete via a text message, an Instagram or Twitter message, or an email. I also offer one discounted post-ritual tarot divination after your ritual has been completed. You can click the links provided or use the button below to read more information about my post-ritual consultations or post-ritual tarot readings, and to get either one scheduled.

I accept payments for all of my services via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. My preferred methods to receive your payments are Venmo and CashApp, though all three of these methods work perfectly. I have a few other options to receive payment available as well, please reach out to me if none of the above methods work for you. You can click any of the links provided or on the icons found just below each scheduling calendar and in various other places on this website to bring you directly to my PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp to send your payment. If you have any trouble sending your payment or scheduling your consultation, or need to contact me for anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via an email or a message over either Instagram or Twitter. Clients outside of the USA will need to have WhatsApp in order for us to complete phone calls for any of my services.

You MUST pay for your consultation or reading before you schedule your time slot. If you book either one (or anything else) without sending your payment FIRST, your booking WILL be canceled as soon as possible. Please understand that it is in my best interest to re-open any time slot that has not been paid for so that someone else who might what to schedule that time can do so. In the notes section of whatever service you are scheduling, be sure to inform me which platform you have sent your payment over with so that I can confirm that I have received it and your booking does not get canceled.

Keep in mind that I do not offer refunds for any of my magickal services once the consultation has been booked!