My life and work in Alexandrian Witchcraft is not reflected in any of the ritual services nor in any of the magickal products that I offer on this website or anywhere else in any way. I do not monetize my religion, my devotion to the Goddess, nor any other aspect of Alexandrian Witchcraft.

Hermeticism and the Hermetic Qabalah, along with elements of rootwork, planetary magick, and the knowledge and methodology learned through various occult texts and experiences, in conjunction, serve as the underlying framework for the system of operational magick that I have created and offer to clients around the world. My ritual spellcasting is divided into 3 levels of work, each offering significantly increasing effectiveness and potency. I call these consecutive levels of spellcasting my “3 tiers” of ritual work, and I will always refer to them in this way in any of our correspondences. For all tiers of ritual work, I offer one discounted post-ritual tarot divination after the ritual is complete. For tier 2 and 3, I also offer a post-ritual consultation.

Communication is an absolute key to success in this line of work, and is one of the main components of my ongoing success. There is simply no way that any ritual work performed on your behalf, from any source, will achieve its highest level of success without the spellcaster being truly involved and knowledgable about your situation as well as the goals that you wish to attain through magickal aid. I do not move forward with any of my services without first speaking directly to the potential client and carefully considering how is best to move forward with their work. You will not find any place in my store where you will be able to purchase any of my services it with the click of a button, without speaking to me. Thus, all of my rituals of any tier require that we communicate with each other via a scheduled consultation beforehand.

Once we’ve had at some good dialogue, I have read some cards about your situation, and I have performed some ritual work for you, it is likely that we get to a place in our professional relationship where we are talking on a semi-regular basis about your circumstances, any internal or external changes to your reality that you have experienced through my work, and how your life has developed since the time my ritual was performed for you. In these cases, there are some times where additional consultation may not be necessary, and we might be able to move forward without more tarot or conversation, if we agree that it is appropriate. Instances of moving forward in this manner will be offered completely at my discretion, as will any decision that we require another tarot reading before moving forward.

Please feel free to click on the buttons below to read extensive information about each service, to learn how to begin your booking process with a consultation for the service you are interested in, and for information on how to pay. If you have any questions or problems with booking any of my services, or need to get ahold of me for anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out through an Instagram or Twitter message, or an email.


Taper-candle-centered ritual work that is burned alongside other tier 1 candles chosen for the same day, incorporated into one of my own daily practices.


An entire ritual that is dedicated exclusively to you and your goals, with a 7-day glass candle as its focus, a higher involvement of rootwork, and powerful ceremonial procedure.


My preeminent level of spellcasting potency. A dedicated ritual that incorporates powerful magickal items, intricate and intensive practices, and a wide array of candles and roots.

$40 post-ritual tarot

$50 post-ritual consultation

Services that are available after I have completed a ritual spellcasting for you.