$75 for 30 minutes

$135 for 1 hour

I place major emphasis on the psychological implications and understandings that can be gained from studying astrological charts, and as such, my chart interpretations are phenomenal resources intended to aid clients in a deep delving into their own minds, emotions, bodies, and souls. To understand the inherent psychological, physical, and magickal blueprint that has been gifted to you in this life is absolutely irreplaceable in your path to true self-knowledge.

Astrological chart interpretations are massive endeavors – to study and speak on every aspect of a chart would certainly take many, many hours. Due to this fact, each scheduled astrological chart interpretation that is booked with me is considered a “session”, and it is not guaranteed that I will be able to cover every single aspect of a chart in any one session. I will continuously observe and study your chart, highlighting major life-defining and character-defining attributes that stand out to me, with the intention of revisiting your chart many times in order to delve deeper and deeper over several sessions. Through analyzing your planetary placements, your sign/house combinations, and the major aspects between your planets, as well as covering any specific areas and answering any questions that you may have about your natal chart, I will ensure that you leave each chart reading session with significantly increased knowledge and understanding of many attributes of your own self and your purpose in this life.

In an attempt to preserve many traditional forms of chart interpretation, I read charts in the whole sign house system; recognize the traditional rulers of Scorpio (Mars), Aquarius (Saturn), and Pisces (Jupiter); place significantly decreased emphasis on the placements and movements of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; accept “true” lunar node calculation; and refrain from analyzing non-traditional cosmic bodies or calculated points such as Lilith and Chiron, among others. I am willing to delve into an interpretation of non-traditional cosmic bodies during later sessions – absolutely not during a first session, and likely not even during a second session, as there is plenty to learn through traditional astrology to occupy several sessions. Natal chart compatibility analysis, or any other instance in which the charts of two people are analyzed simultaneously, is always welcome.

In order to accomplish an accurate chart interpretation, your birth date, birth location, and exact birth time are all required – each of these pieces of information can be found on your birth certificate in most countries. Birth time is often the often the most difficult piece of information to acquire. If you do not know your birth time and cannot obtain or discover it, I can proceed with a chart interpretation by setting your birth time to noon. Birth date and location are still required. In a case of moving forward without an exact birth time, the chart’s houses will not be calculated correctly. Thus, there is no way to analyze any aspect of your house/sign combinations, and none of the planetary placements will be related to any houses. Only the zodiac sign in which the planets are placed and major aspects between planets can be analyzed.

My chart interpretations are delivered via phone calls and zoom video meetings. I have a few other delivery methods available for my sessions, please reach out to me if neither of those work for you. My astrological chart interpretation sessions are $75 for 30 minutes and $135 for 1 hour. It is extremely helpful for me to have time to study your chart before we go into your sessions, and I highly advise that you send me your details as soon as possible after you have scheduled an astrological chart session with me. You can send your details via an email or a message over either Instagram or Twitter. All astrological chart readings are booked through the scheduling calendars below.

I accept payments for all of my services via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. My preferred methods to receive your payments are Venmo and CashApp, though all three of these methods work perfectly. I have a few other options to receive payment available as well, please reach out to me if none of the above methods work for you. You can click any of the links provided or on the icons found just below each scheduling calendar and in various other places on this website to bring you directly to my PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp to send your payment. If you have any trouble sending your payment or scheduling your chart reading, or need to contact me for anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via an email or a message over either Instagram or Twitter. Clients outside of the USA will need to have WhatsApp in order for us to complete phone calls for any of my services.

You MUST pay for your session before you schedule your time slot. If you book your session (or anything else) without sending your payment FIRST, your booking WILL be canceled as soon as possible. Please understand that it is in my best interest to re-open any time slot that has not been paid for so that someone else who might what to schedule that time can do so. In the notes section of whatever service you are scheduling, be sure to inform me which platform you have sent your payment over with so that I can confirm that I have received it and your booking does not get canceled.

Keep in mind that I do not offer refunds for any of my astrological services once they have been booked!