Cascara Sagrada Bark



Cascara Sagrada is a powerful and energetic ingredient in works involving legal matters of all kinds, and has been used to bring potency to prosperity charms. Attributed to Mars, it invokes raw power and fervor into these endeavors.


Each herbal product is awakened and blessed directly by Poppa Capp, on the appropriate day and during the appropriate hour, in order to empower their magickal attributes via planetary forces. These blessings happen often and astrological placements are ever-changing, thus, each resulting product is a true work of limited-time artisan magick.

Binomial Nomenclature: Rhamnus purshiana

Plant portion used: Tree bark.

Processing: Dried; cut and sifted.

Origin: United States.

Cascara Sagrada bark is a known and well-used laxative; prepared as a tea, it will ease constipation by reducing transit times of waste through the colon. If intended to be used in this form, it must be taken with plenty of water. Can be toxic in very large quantities. Not recommended for ingestion for those with chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, or ulcers; or by pregnant or nursing women.
Contact with cascara sagrada bark directly on one’s skin is 100% safe, without the experience of any of the above effects.

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